Couples, take note. We think we've found the perfect place to pop the question, so if you're looking for a summer city-break destination for a certain romantic occasion, or just romance in general, look no further.

G-rough rome 2

Housed in an elegant townhouse in the heart of the Eternal City, G-Rough is a 10-minute stroll from the iconic Trevi Fountain, which famously appeared in Roman Holiday and La Dolce Vita.

Then there's its opulent yet contemporary style. Summing up its ambience as 'ancient meets modern', the hotel nails the faded grandeur look. Walls are stripped-back and artfully distressed, letting the neutral, stone-coloured hues and historical bones do the talking, while in true palazzo style, floors are tiled with geometric patterns that complement the colour palette.

Furniture throughout the hotel celebrates iconic mid-century Italian design – think jewel-toned velvet upholstery, brass lighting, sexy glass coffee tables and dark woods (what else?).

G-rough rome 3

For longer stays, G-Rough also has a handful of beautiful suites fitted with kitchen/dining rooms and lavish lounges. Kitchen cabinets are painted in pale pastels and greys, picking up on the floor and wall colours, whereas wooden beams are left au naturel. Some rooms feature large fabric wallhangings – a neat trick to decorate walls in an instant, and one that's easy to try out at home.

G-rough rome Bathroom

Bathrooms are a glamorous affair, with gold tiles and traditional fixtures and fittings – proving that bijoux bathrooms don't have to lack bling. Where better to channel your inner Sophia Loren?

Get the look

Try out a palette of barely-there neutrals to achieve a similar Romanesque feel in your spaces. Pair warm whites such as Natural Wicker, Gentle Gold 3 and Natural Hessian with gold or brass metallics, and vintage furniture (West Elm has a good range of mid century-inspired furniture and metallics).

If you're a fan of the distressed wall look, bring it home by painting your walls in one of the shades mentioned above, leave to dry, then give it a topcoat of a different shade. Once dry, gently sand patches of the walls to let the base colour come through slightly. For similar floor tiles, try Topps Tiles' Stamford design or Original Style's range of Geometric floor tiles. La Dolce Vita, here we come! Rooms from £208 per night.

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