Ever wondered how those insanely busy people get through the week? You know who we mean – those rare individuals who seem to get through the ironing pile, complete their chores and fit in that 7am yoga class, all before hosting a dinner party at their immaculately stylish home. It doesn't seem possible for us mere mortals. But there's a secret to this level of organisation and time efficiency – and the good news is that it's all within reach for normal people, too. Banish thoughts of a costly housekeeper or live-in nanny – all you need are these handy delivery services to keep your home life together and looking fabulous.

1. For a Fix-Me-Up

Priv is the beauty and wellness app that delivers professionals to your door to sort everything from haircuts, blow-drys, nails, massages, makeup, fitness classes (yoga? boxing?), spray tans or shaving for men.

2. For Fancy Beverages

Hosting a dinner party? There’s enough to focus on at home without what’s on the drinks menu. For that you can order in craft beers from Honest Brew – a top-notch craft beer subscription service that delivers 12 different ales to your door each month (they have more than 120 varieties on their roster) or cocktails from Taste Cocktails or Trailer Happiness. Cheers!

3. For Floral Fancies

A regular subscription service sending flowers fresh from the flower market in Holland? Genius. FlowerBx is a floral subscription service from fashion designer Tom Ford’s ex PR. Update your flower decor with a monthly or bi-monthly service delivered straight to your door with seasonal choices that are guaranteed to be beautiful. Beats supermarket flora hands down.

4. For the Ironing Pile

Let’s be honest here, nobody enjoys ironing. I Hate Ironing will collect your creased clothes from your home, clean and return them washed and pressed all in as little as 8 hours. Did we mention they also do shoe repairs and clothes alterations?

5. For your Broken iPhone Screen

Busy people do not have time for unexpected trips to repair smashed screens. Well worry not, busy people. iMend comes to you, and fixes your phone in front of you, in the comfort of your home/office in around 30mins. Voilà!

6. For Coffee

Great quality coffee without waiting for queues and hefty price tags is always a lovely thought. Pact Coffee delivers freshly ground coffee beans in letterbox-friendly parcels. The selection of beans is ever-changing; you'll find beans such as 'dark chocolate torte and cream' on the roster and you can pick your brew method, no matter if you’re more of a cafetière kinda coffee lover or an espresso machine whizz.

7. For Books

Time is precious, so any downtime reads need to be worth it. Busy bookworms need not worry about finding time to search for the next great read. The Willoughby Book Club comes in 3, 6 or 12 month subscription offers, for quick or slow readers. That should help your daily commute whizz by.

8. For Pants

Too busy to do a mid-week wash? Fear not. Eco-friendly monthly pant subscription Who Made Your Pants are made by a women’s cooperative, and use end-of-season fabric from luxury underwear brands to create VPL free pants. And then post them to you. Smarty pants.

9. For A Surprise Gift

Gift subscription Not Another Bill delivers exquisitely packaged delights directly to you or a lucky recipient of your choice's door each month. The quirk? Well, you won't actually know what you'll be unwrapping; NAB selects an array of letter box-sized treats for you, from jewellery to stationery. Nice surprises guaranteed – take that, electricity bill.

10. For a Home Update

Save time trekking to the shops for tester pots so you can spend as much time as possible on the decorating task at hand. Dulux's tester packs are a snip at £1 each and come with a mini applicator brush so you don't need to mess around with cleaning up - another time-saving bonus. Don't say we're not good to you. Visit the colour page to choose your testers.

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