Kourtney Kardashian’s home is not for the faint-hearted. Described as ‘Alice in Wonderland meets Beetlejuice,’ the four-bedroom family abode combines strong prints and statement furniture with splashes of bright colour, on-trend patterns and vintage discoveries.

‘I love every single thing about this house,’ reveals Kourtney, who worked closely with interiors designer, Jeff Andrews to create a unique, whimsical look that reflects the star's personality.

Kourtney admits that she ‘became obsessive over interior décor and designing’ while she immersed herself in the project. ‘It was definitely a hands-on collaboration between Jeff and I,’ she says. ‘I am a perfectionist – so I was 100 percent involved.’ Time to take a peek at Kourtney’s labour of love…

Zest for life

Zest for life

‘This is pretty much Scott’s room. This was my father’s desk when I was growing up and I had it refinished,’ says Kourtney. ‘I found the chairs at an old vintage '80s Mercedes dealership. All of the books belonged to my parents; I took all their covers off and arranged them by colour. It took forever and I was obsessed with it, but I love the way it looks.’

EXPERT TIP: Midnight blues and black create an impactful backdrop to make furnishings and accessories pop. Use open shelves to curate interesting displays of your treasured possessions and arrange in colour groups for high contrast.

Play Time

Play Time KK

‘When we first started decorating, I wanted all white walls and for everything to be really simple,’ admits Kourtney. ‘Then I started saying: "I’m too young. This is my first house: I want to have fun!"’ Jeff Andrews persuaded Kourtney to consider vivid wall coverings, bold colours, patterns and textures.

EXPERT TIP: Bravery always pays off - but only if you are fearless too. A classic monochrome scheme is transformed with a few vibrant accents – and you don’t need much to make a big impact. Add blocks of colour in furniture and then extend the palette with artwork and fresh flowers or have fun by painting your own abstract canvas with tester pots.

The Beautiful and The Bold

The Beautiful and The Bold KK

Oversized horizontal stripes are a clever trick to give a space the appearance of being larger than it actually is. A classic monochrome scheme balances bright aqua hues for a grown-up yet playful vibe.

EXPERT TIP: You can make a simple shaped room look much more interesting with a combination of striped walls and dynamic herringbone on the floor. Keep the furniture layout balanced and symmetrical and use vibrant pops of colour as focal points to prevent the look becoming overwhelming.

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey KK

The playful Alice-in-Wonderland meets Beetlejuice feel is given a grown-up air in the hallway, thanks to the bold print wallpaper and iconic pieces of modern art. ‘Kourtney is as obsessed with design as I am, and has a great eye,’ reveals Andrews. ‘We spent many nights on the phone looking through websites together and traded thousands of texts and emails brainstorming.’

EXPERT TIP: There are pockets of space in our homes that we pass by over and over again every day but never make the most of. Breathe life into those neglected nooks and crannies with bright, bold coloured artwork and accessories and enjoy the difference it makes to the journey through your home.

Animal Magic

Animal Magic KK

Mason’s room combines oversized animals with a space-themed approach, including the retro-style silver ball chair. Andrews calls this room ‘cool enough for a Kardashian, but fun enough for a kid.’ We couldn’t agree more.

EXPERT TIP: In children's rooms, don't forget to make the top part of the room as exciting as the lower part (which will mostly be hidden under piles of toys…). Hang things from the ceiling and walls to add interest and give focal points come bedtime, or use fun patterned wallpapers and accessories above a picture rail or panelling.

Interview from InStyle Magazine and images from Domaine Home

Photography: Grey Crawford