Growing Spaces blogger Heather Young and her family moved from their Victorian-terraced south London home into a 1970s house in Berkshire that was in need of a little TLC.

She set up her blog, Growing Spaces to document her journey renovating her family’s new home into stylish and inspiring space and talk all things interiors and DIY. Here, we get a tour of her space and hear Heather's decorating story.

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“Our house had previously been owned by the same couple since it was built in 1975, and the decor hadn’t changed much since then! Everywhere was carpeted, including the kitchen and the bathrooms, and all the walls were either wallpapered or painted beige.

Updating the kitchen and bathrooms was our main priority. We knocked through the kitchen and dining room to create one large open-plan kitchen, dining and living space downstairs. Upstairs we removed the airing cupboard so that we could create a bit more room in the family bathroom.”

I use a lot of Dulux Brilliant White – it’s my go-to colour for a neutral background as it makes everywhere look clean and fresh, so pretty much all our rooms have at least one Brilliant White wall.

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“I love that our home is quirky and fun and has a strong sense of character. I’m so pleased I was brave enough to paint one of our living room walls black – my husband Ben wasn’t sure about the idea, so I did it while he was at work one day, and luckily it turned out really well! It creates impact and also gives that space a sense of focus.

When it comes to colour, I usually like to work with a neutral background, and then add colour with a feature wall or accessories. I try to stick to the same palette through the whole house (white, blacks and grey with turquoise and yellow accents) as it helps tie our home together.”

In our spare room I’ve used a lovely intense blue called Celestial Cloud 1, it adds impact but at the same time I find the inky blue really restful and calming. We also have a wall painted in Polished Pebble in our bedroom. It’s a very soft grey, and it feels really calm and restful.

For my son's bedroom, we chose an outdoors theme. I wanted to build a climbing wall to blur the line between indoors and outdoors. To tie in with the theme, I finished the climbing wall with a mountain skyline painted in a vivid green."

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“I am a car boot sale and junk shop addict! I love finding vintage pieces to use in our home as they’re unique and have so much character and history. For other bits I’m a big fan of Ikea – we’ll often adapt Ikea furniture in some way to add our own twist.

I mostly shop online for homeware and accessories – I never fail to find something I love at Cox and Cox and Rockett St George. Etsy is ideal for things that are a bit more unusual, and for a great selection of products by independent designers and makers I go to The Future Kept (my birthday list is always full of things from this amazing shop).”

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“A few of my favourite interiors blogs are Lobster & Swan, Apartment Apothecary, and The Lovely Drawer. And I can spend hours on Pinterest – that’s my fail-safe place to get inspiration for everything from interiors, travel, fashion and what to have for dinner that night!

All the big projects are done now, but we have a snagging list as long as my arm. We’re not great finishers – we love the excitement of starting a new project. Things like painting all the woodwork and touching up wall paint are what we’re focusing on at the moment.”

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