Decorating your dream home in a rented space can be a minefield, there are some landlords that allow you to change light fixtures and switch furnishings, but some landlords that don’t allow you to paint your walls or even hang art using nails.

Fortunately, even if you're living in a rental with strict rules, there are still tricks to make your space feel personalised, functional, and like the home you want it to be.

Make sure you find out from your landlord about what their specific requirements are before you start. Then, get stuck in!

7 New Colours 2016 Pepper Red

Kitchen aid


Not allowed to paint your cabinets and cupboards? Do add more interest and bring a pop of colour into the hub of your home by adding a splash of colour elsewhere and painting your walls instead. Using Dulux Kitchen+ Matt colours ensures your paint stays looking good for longer thanks to its exceptionally tough formula, which is grease and stain resistant.


Don’t forget to see how these colours would look in your kitchen before you put paint to paint brush by downloading the free Dulux Visualizer app.

Shelf confidence


Can't hang shelves? That doesn't mean you should live in mayhem. Do pick up some stylish storage containers that cleverly mix functionality with an eye-pleasing aesthetic. And do make use of doors with over the door hooks and shelves.


If you do hang shelves and pictures, don’t forget to fill in holes and cracks before you move out using Polycell.

Dark hallway is transformed with bright yellow paint.

Off the wall


If painting your walls is off limits, then this is where temporary solutions like wall decals come in.

You can stick small stickers like these geometric triangles in concentrated spaces so they look like art, or grab the larger decals for a full-spread accent wall like this exposed brick decal (£25 per m²) or this trendy topical wallpaper from Boho Walls (£29.40). Once you’ve had enough of the scenery, or are moving out – just peel them off.

Some landlords will be relaxed about painting if you leave the paint in good condition when you move out. If this is the case, choose a durable paint like Dulux Endurance, which is great for high-traffic areas like hallways and landings. It’s washable, so you can wipe away all those stains and scuffs before you go without having to repaint over them, and nobody will be any the wiser.


Don’t forget that even sticky tape and Blue Tac can leave marks and residue on your walls – wall decals can be removed and reapplied and won’t leave a trace.

Dr Dulux: How to paint over tiles

On the tiles


If you’ve inherited bathroom tiles that are a dated shade of avocado, don’t despair – you can cover up the unfortunate tile choices really easily! If paint is allowed, give your bathroom a fresh new colour using Dulux Tile Paint. It’s waterproof and self-undercoating, and so much quicker than retiling.


Don’t fear if painting is a no-no – decals can be your answer here too. We love these tile wall stickers from Spin Collective, starting at £16.

Do's and Don'ts of Decorating a Rental Lighting

Let there be light


Your landlords weren't thinking of ambience when they installed those cheap, harsh overhead lights. Do invest in side lighting – a floor lamp next to your sofa will create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Plus, you can take it with you wherever you end up next.


Even if you can’t invest in lighting, don’t forget that you can change your type of lightbulb in your fixtures. Experiment with different types and styles of LED bulbs to create your ultimate ambient lighting.

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