The term ‘trolley’ conjures up an array of images; from battling your way through hectic shopping aisles to smiling air stewards pouring you a chilled G&T.

But what about those old-fashioned drink trolleys? Do they spring to mind? Perhaps not. The last time you probably saw one of these fancy numbers was as a young child sitting patiently at an old relative’s house – the universal home of plush patterned carpets, net curtains and hostile cats.

The height of sophistication during the '60s, a bar-on-wheels eased the burden of entertaining and added a touch of glamour to any dinner party. In short, it was a must-have for any self-respecting host or hostess.

And now this retro relic has rolled into town once again. Rather than being consigned to the past, drink trolleys are back with a twist. Quite literally; they’re the perfect place to serve up beautifully garnished cocktails, after all.

Not only do today’s bar carts offer the convenience of being able to have everything in one place – from chic glasses to your favourite tipples, decanters, shakers and corkscrews – but they’re aesthetically pleasing, too. A polished cart looks most stylish against the vibrant backdrop of a brightly painted wall. For an authentic, mid-century number, try West Elm's Parker Bar Cart (£329). If there's no such thing as too kitsch in your book, you'll love Out There Interiors' gold bamboo Vintage Style Drinks Trolley (£375). For an industrial look, Swoon Edition's space-saving Blaine trolley is sleek and wallet-friendly to boot (£139).

So, what are you waiting for? Channel your inner advertising exec and go for it. Those Mad Men have nothing on you – and neither does your gran.

Images: Top left: via Pinterest; top right: via Pinterest.