Even if you weren’t around in the 1970s, chances are you’ve got an heirloom or two from the period – or know someone who has (mum, dad, we’re looking at you). Whether it’s a slightly unsightly vase that’s been demoted to the back of the cabinet, a kitsch painting, or a piece of furniture, it’s time to dust them all off and put them in the spotlight again – the 1970s are back and groovier than ever.

What leads us to this conclusion? Well, not only has the decade been an influence on the catwalk over the last few seasons, but the Seventies has snuck its way back into our homes, too.

Sheepskin and deep shagpile carpets, crochet, cheese plants and even dream catchers have been spotted on the high street this season, not to mention in the homes of hipsters the world over, from Berlin to Brooklyn. But the biggest clue of all is rattan furniture. No other material evokes the era so strongly.

The Comeback: Rattan Furniture Body Image

Although rattan has been used to make furniture for centuries, this flexible, natural and eco-friendly material resonated with the spirit and aesthetic of the 1970s – the perfect thing, in other words, to make organic and curvy-shaped furniture from. Recently there’s been a revival in the material, this time with a more minimal, Scandi-vibe.

There’s a plethora of new-era rattan available for your pad if you don’t have an original. Give it a contemporary twist by accessorising with textured cushions, natural sheepskin and throws in pale hues (dream catchers optional). Far out!

Images from top left: Natural Hanging Rattan Chair, £330, Graham and Green

The Nanna Ditzel chair in the Parker Palm Springs Hotel (found on la dolce vita blog).

Elaborate Rattan Peacock Chair, £475, Out There Interiors.

Whitewash Rattan Magazine File, £28.80, Laura Ashley.

Rattan Hanging Ball Chair, £495, Graham & Green.

NIPPRIG chair, £50, Ikea.

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