1. Chic Cover-Up

A Kraft-coloured A4 folder made from sustainable wood is what messy desks dream of.

Card Folder, £3, Marks & Spencer

2. Wake Up, it’s a Beautiful Morning

No more snoozing. The authentic hammer to bell alarm will awaken you from the deepest of slumbers.

Alarm Clock, £16.95, Liberty

3. Lego, it’s Lunchtime

It shouldn’t be all work and no play. Bring along your lunch and snacks in a large retro Lego brick.

Lego Lunch Box, £7.99. The Hut

4. Jammie Biscuit

How's this for a completely calorie-free treat? These coloured pencils are an ode to our favourite tea-dunkers – each one is gold foiled with the name of a classic biscuit and colour matched to the biscuits' packaging. Is it break time yet?

Perfect Foodies Pencils, £12, I Am A

5. Take Note

A notebook as beautiful as this should be filled with noteworthy and inspiring things (and your best handwriting. Handwriting? Remember that?). Covered with painterly patterns by master French illustrator, Sonia Cavallini, this pad will be the envy of your classmates.

A6 Notebook, £10, Sonia Cavallini

6. Brass Act

Arts and crafts become a little more polished with a pair of stylish brass scissors.

Scissors, £9, Hay

7. Monster Mash

Stash all your pencils and pens in this not-so-camouflaged camouflage monster case.

Monster Mash Up Camouflage Pencil Case, £6, Paper Chase

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