Nominated for the best use of colour in homes and interiors, Boeme has been creating beautiful UK-made fabrics, cushions and upholstery since it was established by owner Jo Bound in 2011. Spearheading the current trend for fabric designs that have the feel of a painted canvas, Jo's fabrics start life as fine art paintings – and end up as bonafide works of art for the home.

How would you sum up Boeme's look?

Our style is a tapestry of bold, expressive art textiles in vibrant and original colour palettes.

So, where do you go for inspiration?

As many art exhibitions and vintage textile fairs as time will allow (not enough)! When I'm painting I find that nature is an infinite source of inspiration.

Painterly fabrics have been a huge trend lately – why do you think they're so popular in interiors right now?

I have always painted in this way, regardless of any trend. I think they're so popular in interiors because they provide a softness of tone and layers of colour which people can draw from in a room.

Tell us about your use of colour...

How long have you got?! In simple terms, colour is about mixing different strengths and saturations, then adding something quirky and off-key to a palette to provide a spark of interest. Colour, to me, is instinctive – and I probably spend more time colouring my textiles than designing them.

Do you have a favourite colour palette that you like to use in your designs?

Most people who know me will say: 'She can't get away from turquoise!' Experience and commercial reality mean that I'm constantly striving to create new colour palettes. There is always a new twist to be taken with colour.

What's next in the pipeline for Boeme?

More and more epic textiles, my head is full of new design and colour ideas. We're now exporting, which is very exciting and stimulating. I'd like to strengthen the Boeme brand and collaborate with the fashion world.

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