Light, bright and utterly elegant, the Madrid apartment of Miriam Alia is a lesson in easy, laid-back luxe. But then, that's hardly surprising given that Miriam is one third of interior design studio, Living Pink. An artful mix of design classics, vintage lighting and antique accessories, the designer's created a look that's both playful and glam. How did she do it? Time to take a peek...

Perfect Symmetry

Through the Keyhole: MA 1

A dazzling white scheme is made all the brighter by Miriam's pops of bright pink (what else?) in the upholstery fabrics and artwork. Grounded with a boldly patterned rug and framed by symmetrical oversized planters, this dining room is proof that white needn't mean playing it safe.

Style Secret

Mixing up genres of design isn't as tricky as you think if you throw a few classics into the mix, such as these Tulip chairs by Knoll. They'll keep a room looking timeless whatever you decide to complement them with. A classical urn or planter here, a mid-century chandelier there and you'll have a delicious scheme indeed. With a backdrop of Pure Brilliant White, add Sumptous Plum and Atlantic Adventure as accents on furniture and accessories.

Kitchen Sink Drama

Through the keyhole MA 2

Who needs a splashback when you've got floor-to-ceiling tiles? Using an intricately patterned Moorish design to clad her kitchen walls, Miriam's brought a distinctive, fresh and cheerful look to this space. Not only that, but the use of tiles cleverly zones her cooking and dining areas.

Style Secret

Don't be afraid to contrast materials and looks in one space. Adding a metallic accent in the form of furniture (such as these bar stools) will elevate your kitchen's look from rustic to restaurant-chic and give it an eclectic, unique look. To recreate this look with paint, use Curious Crimson and Sapphire Salute for small pops of colour.

Style Safari

Through the Keyhole MA 3

It's the menagerie of animals that brings the wow-factor to this living space. The off-white backdrop of the walls and floor provides an ideal canvas from which to go wild with the details. Porcelain cheaters, a taxidermy peacock and a zebra skin rug take this room on a real adventure.

Style Secret

A large, statement rug is an instant way to add pattern, colour and texture to a large space. Plus, you can change your room's scheme in an instant if ever you fancy a different look. To pick out the colours in this room, try Proud Peackock for accessories and White Mist for walls.

Great Gatsby

Through the Keyhole MA 4

A pale, duck-egg blue on the hallway walls sets the tone for this Art Deco inspired corner, with Twenties-style armchairs and coffee table. Black and white photography adorns the walls, but rather than going for full-on monochrome, a splash of turquoise keeps things contemporary.

Style Secret

Make the most of decorative plasterwork by picking out the details in a contrasting white shade for an elegant, regency feel. To get this look, try Teal Tension for the walls and White Mist for the plasterwork.

Pretty in Pink

Through the Keyhole 5

Softly does it in the bedroom. Powder pinks and warm neutrals are offset with metallic lighting for Fifties glamour with an edge.

Style Secret

Recreate the colours in this space with Spring Rose, Pretty Pink and White Chiffon. Layer up varying textures and weights of fabric to add subtle interest to your colour palette. Furs, voile curtains, velvet cushions and plush carpet make this boudoir a dream scheme without looking too matchy-matchy or just plain, well, plain.

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