Do you have a budding deep sea diver in the family? This magical wall effect is just the thing to make a splash in their bedroom and nurture their love for the life aquatic.

A faceted paint effect is a striking way to interpret water’s reflective qualities and its graphic style also makes it a throughly modern take on the underwater theme. Read on for step-by-step guide…

Facet Ocean Body Image 1

Difficulty rating: Tricky

You will need

Step 1. Pull the chalk across a length of string to load it.

Step 2. Tape one end of the string to your wall. Pull the desired length tight and snap the string against the wall to reveal a chalk line. Repeat process until you have triangular shapes across your whole wall.

Facet Ocean Body Image 3

Step 3. Follow the chalk lines with masking tape to mask off your triangle pattern.

Step 4. Secure the edges of the tape by painting around the edge (inside the shape) with a little white paint to seal it. This will stop paint bleeding under the tape and will leave you with a crisp edge.

Facet Ocean Body Image (extra)

Step 5. Once dry, start painting in with colour, leaving every other triangle blank (you'll be filling in these later). Give each triangle two coats of paint, leaving to dry fully between each coat. For best effect, choose lighter shades at the top of the room and darker hues at the bottom to get that deep sea bed feel. But don’t let this limit you – you can paint the triangles randomly if you like – its completely up to you!

Facet Ocean Body Image 5

Step 6. Once your first triangles are dry start masking the next sections and repeat steps four and five until you have filled in every triangle.

Step 7. Now you get to do the fun bit, peeling off the tape! Ta Dah!

Facet Ocean Body Image 6

The finished wall should something a little like this!

Facet Ocean Shopping List

Now you’ve taken the plunge, bring your oceanic masterpiece to life with these treasures:

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See the whole finished scheme in our Meet Frankie video.

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