Space is an infinitely fascinating and inspiring subject matter, so encourage your little cosmonauts’ curiosity with a room that’s full of wonder. A bedroom that’s out of this world will also help them to dream big, so set the stage for their very own space odyssey with this starry bedroom scheme.

It may be the final frontier of bedroom design, but this galactic paint-effect isn’t rocket science.

Watch the video above and then read on for our step-by-step instructions.

Space equipment

You will need:

  • Rich Black Easycare matt paint – enough to paint the mural wall
  • Lost Lake matt paint – enough for the remaining walls and ceiling
  • Tester pots of Lost Lake, Striking Cyan, Pepper Red, Purple Pout and White Cotton
  • 4 x Dulux 2” brushes
  • 4 x Dulux 1” brushes
  • Small artists brush
  • 4 x car sponges (dense foam)
  • Dust sheets
  • Small stepladder – preferably one that has a grab handle and will allow you to reach the ceiling
Space how 1

Step 1: First, start with the base paint and cover the mural wall in Rich Black Easycare matt.

Step 2: Make sure everything you don’t want covered in splashes of paint is masked off; dust sheeted over and protected – including yourself (wear old clothes, protective goggles and an old hat!)

Step 3: Thin down some Purple Pout, Striking Cyan and White Cotton with some water. A good ratio for this is 1/3 paint to 2/3 of water.

Step 4: Use the colours one at a time starting with the deepest – that’ll be Lost Lake. Dip a small paintbrush into the paint and then hold it in front of the black wall. Sharply tap the paintbrush against the handle of another paint brush and send the paint spattering onto the wall to create a galaxy effect.

Space how 2

Step 5: Add lesser amounts of Striking Cyan over the top, then finish with White Cotton last of all.

Step 6: Run a bit of Timeless along the edge of a folded piece of paper to make the odd star look like they are twinkling.

Step 7: Pick out a few stars and make them bigger by adding some more white paint on the end of a cotton bud.

Step 8: Allow to dry and prepare for launch…

Space how 3

Expert tips

To avoid uttering those immortal words ‘Houston, we have a problem’, follow these helpful tricks:

1. Try out the spattering technique on some paper before you hit the wall.

2. Use lining paper to mask off side walls and the ceiling from stray paint spatters.

3. Create clouds and swirls of colour like a milky way and don’t neglect the corners and edges of the room.

Space Shopping List

Finishing touches

These final flourishes will make sure you land your little astronaut’s space-themed bedroom in style:

Astronaut duvet, John Lewis, (£49)

Pod chair, IKEA, (£45)

Moon side lamp, Totally Funky, (£8.99)


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