What is it?

Enter the world of artist and illustrator Rory Dobner and you'll find everything from cushions and clocks to cake stands featuring a cast of hand-drawn quirky characters and motifs. Surreal, magical and humorous in equal measure, the dream-like images that appear on Rory's homeware ranges are inspired by a wide range of influences, including Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches, Victoriana and Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland.

What's the style?

Intricate ink drawings with a side order of macabre.

Why do we love it?

Rory's distinctive pen-and-ink style captures the eccentricities of British culture. From monocled moggies to Union Jack-draped Dachshunds, his characters really couldn't have been conjured up from anywhere else but Blighty. And, like any true British success story worth its salt, all of Rory's products proudly carry a 'Made in England' label. A go-to for gifts and future heirlooms, Rory's accessories blur the lines between artwork and homeware - you're as likely to display his plates on your wall as serve your supper on them. Practical and beautiful? That's our idea of a good investment.

Our favourite treasures from Rory's range include his ceramic Alphabet tiles (£38 each) – display them singularly or integrate a few into your splashbacks for a bespoke bathroom or kitchen.


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