Whether you’re a fly-and-flop type or an extreme water sports fan, there can’t be many among us who don’t immediately feel the tension ebb away once we’re in close proximity to a sandy shore. So perhaps it’s no surprise that beach-shack style is high on our decorating agenda at the moment. Who wouldn't want to feel like they’re permanently on holiday, after all?

Evoking sun-bleached driftwood and sandy boardwalks, this is the ultimate look for beach bums and castaways to kick back and soak up the most chilled-out of vibes. Light, easy and relaxed, this summery scheme will have you kicking off your shoes and going barefoot in no time. We've got a bucket load of cool coastal colours in our Day at the Beach palette, which is part of our Travels in Colour range. Throw in these coordinating fabrics and finishing touches and wave hello to beach shack bliss.

Clockwise from top left:

Sunny Day, from £13.79.

Pearl Grey, from £13.79.

Plain Linen in Teal, £44 per m, Vanessa Arbuthnott

Zoogeographical Regions Mural, from £60, Surface View

Pistachio Whip, from £13.79.

Rope wallpaper by Cole & Son, £72 per 10 m roll, Wallpaper Direct

Polar Oak Satin Planks, £58.99 per m sq, Quick Step

See the full Day at the Beach palette and explore Travels in Colour.

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