Step into spring and give your living spaces a mood-boosting lift. Here's six ideas to get your juices going.

Citrus Twist


Combine citrus colours with warm neutrals on the walls, add dark wood furniture, a scattering of green accents, et Voila! A modern-retro look is born.

Top Tip

Large rooms that have very tall ceilings can be hard to make feel cosy. Scale up the decorative motifs on cushions and artwork and keep designs graphic to make an impact without overpowering the space. Try a combination of Honey Mustard and Caramel Latte to get this look.

Fresh Start


Just like the coloured silk lining of a great jacket or coat, you can create pockets of impact in recessed shelves by painting them in a bright colour.

Top Tip

If you're after a more subtle look, keep the contrasting colours contained to the back wall of your shelves. Use Luscious Lime Quick Dry Gloss for a dose of cheeky colour that'll add delight to your displays.

Green and Plenty


We all know greens are good for you - but they're also good for energising spaces too. Living rooms are places to be brave and have fun, so make the most of it with a zesty shade full of get-up-and-go.

Top Tip

Try Tarragon Glory 3 and team with crisp Absolute White for the skirting, doors and ceiling. Build on a bold wall colour with confidence by choosing eye-catching patterns for upholstery and accessories.

Hello Petal


Ah, the joys of spring! From tulips to bluebells, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to flora and fauna this season, so take your lead from these seasonal blooms and get decorating in soft floral shades.

Top Tip

Team sweeter colours like Coral Flair with white furniture for a crisp modern spin on a feminine shade.

Ultra Marine


It sounds obvious (bare with us now), but harmony is instilled in a room whenever you use harmonious colours. But what exactly are harmonious colours, we hear you ask? The simple answer is colours that lie next to each other in the spectrum. Play with different harmonious shades across different areas of walls, floor and furniture to get a look that's pitch perfect.

Top Tip

Look in the back of the Dulux colour guide or at a Dulux colour unit in your local Dulux stockist to pick your own harmonious combos - you'll see them lying next to each other in columns so it's super easy. Here we've used Liberty Blue 1 and Sea Urchin 1 on the walls, with Chic Shadow on the door frames and painted stool.

Acid Reign


If you love monochrome but are not quite convinced it will work in your home, add one extra ingredient to the mix - sharp colour. Just like a squeeze of lemon, it adds zest and makes black, grey and white visually delicious.

Top Tip

Try Urban Obsession with Lemon Punch and Absolute White on the walls, then add a graphic element with black accessories. A good way to introduce your accent shade is to take a stripe of colour across the architectural elements of your room, from chimney breast to shelf edges, for extra wow factor.

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