Working from home is on the rise, but the home office is probably the least prioritised when it comes to decorating. If that rings true for you, it might be time to give your work zone an overhaul – after all, creating an inspiring space to work in will do wonders for your productivity (once you've finished arranging your favourite stationery, that is).

As a nation, we tend to stick to lighter shades for fear of overwhelming our spaces, especially ones we need to concentrate in, but this scheme proves how dark, saturated colours work wonders together. What's more, intense blues and greens have been found to focus the mind, and create a sense of balance and calm.

So this combination of Soft Maplewood 1 (ceiling), Aged Bronze (front wall) and Veiled Violet (back wall) could have a positive effect on your concentration, but it also brings an opulent and luxurious mood to the space – why shouldn't your desk zone feel glamorous, after all?

Taken from our Colour Futures 2016 trend, Dark & Light, this palette is all about immersing your spaces in deep shades and celebrating the beauty in darkness. If you're curious about trying out this trend at home, download our free Visualizer app and play with painting your walls dark with a tap of a screen. Welcome to the dark side.

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