If the current decade was a paint shade, what would it be? Well, according to the findings of our 'Colourless Future Census', the hue that we think sums up the 2010s is...black. Not the most cheery of shades perhaps, but the new study also reveals that Brits think the most popular colours in the future will be predominantly neutral, with white and silver topping the colour charts in our homes, wardrobes, technology and general environment.

Compare that to the shades we associate with past decades such as the Sixties (sunshine yellow), Seventies (purple) and Eighties (electric blue) and it's clear that we've slipped down the spectrum into a rather dull monotone territory.

On top of that, our findings revealed that a fifth of us lack the confidence to use colour in modern-day lives, from clothes and make-up to decorating. So, this got us thinking; it's time to reclaim the bright and beautiful world of colour...

To highlight the results of our Colourless Future Census, we thought it was only fitting to do something as bold as the colours we've neglected for so long, so we staged a disruptive stunt on the streets of London to confront the issue, demonstrating how a future without colour would be lacking in expression and personality - and be very dull indeed.

We sent a troupe of colourless commuters around London dressed head-to-toe in white to cover any hint of individuality with the aim of inspiring people to embrace colour in all areas of their lives. Our census reported that over half of us want to be more colourful in all aspects of life, but confidence hinders our choices when it comes to decision making. Despite our lack of courage in the colour department however, the survey found that our emotions are highly effect by it, with nearly half of us admitting to feeling happier when in a brightly decorated room.

So what are you waiting for? We urge you to go forth and dye your hair that shade of red you've secretly longed for, paint your front door pink, don those neon trainers and get happy!