Say hello to our new Dulux Easycare range. Featuring an array of beautiful shades; from soothing blues to warm blush tones, there’s something to make every home look its best.

Dulux Easycare is a new tough and washable paint that’s 20 times tougher than normal Dulux matt emulsion. Thanks to its smart stain repelling technology, it removes everything from stubborn marks, fingerprints and all the wear and tear of daily family life with a wipe. Think of it as your wall’s ultimate coat of armour.

Here are seven of our favourite Dulux Easycare shades and how you can incorporate them into your colour scheme.

1. Sapphire Salute

Welcome to the dark side. Yep, the ‘Dark & Light’ trend is still going strong, and a deep navy shade like Sapphire Salute is a great alternative to grey if you want impact without forsaking colour. Add a lick of the rich blue shade to a feature wall or a ‘zone’ to create an on-trend multitasking room.

Expert tip

When using a dark palette, a combination of surfaces and textures will bring depth to your space as well. Pile on the sheepskin.

2. Denim Drift

The two-tone effect is an easy-peasy way to bring depth and interest to a busy open-plan room. This calming living space features Denim Drift with Indigo Shade. Keep the lighter shade on the top half to heighten the look of your ceiling. Take it one step further and use the same dark blue on the furniture too. It’ll avoiding any visual disruptions to the effect, making spaces appear roomier.

Expert tip

Looking for a different combination? One reliable strategy is to pick two shades from the same colour family, or from the same paint swatch card.

3. Blush Pink

Cosy up an open plan space with a hint of Blush Pink. This delicate shade of pink will lend multifunctional spaces warmth and cosiness, creating a relaxed, laid-back mood. Pick out architectural details using grey tones such as Deep Fossil and keep trims and doors a crisp Absolute White.

Expert tip

To layer up your rose tinted space add soft textures and pops of dusky pinks. And finally, to create contrast and a contemporary twist to your colour scheme add crisp black furniture and accessories. Peachy!

4. Warm Pewter

Give your neutral colour scheme an element of interest with a playful feature wall (a bold pattern can hide a multitude of sins after all). If your home office is less of a room and more of a ‘space’, this patterned effect works wonders to ‘zone’ a dedicated space visually to your work space. Keep things grown up by using a scheme made up of neutrals such as Warm Pewter.

Expert tip

Watch the step-by-step video to see How to Achieve a Diamond Paint Effect for yourself.

5. Nordic Sky

The colour of the sea and sky (on a good day), we’re hardwired to find blues calming and serene. Nordic Sky will transport you back to mother nature and give a carefree feeling to your space, no matter how much foot traffic is coming and going through the room.

Expert tip

Contrast pops of colour against this sky blue backdrop for a dynamic and eclectic look – it’ll only take a few small accents to give Nordic Sky a whole new outlook. Bright cushions, flowers and artwork can be changed whenever the mood takes you so dive in.

6. White Mist

A contemporary update on a timeless monochrome colour scheme can be easily achieved by painting walls in a hard-working Dulux Easycare white such as White Mist and introducing Black along woodwork with a lick of Quick Dry Satinwood. Try black around window frames, on picture or dado rails or on skirting boards to draw your eye around the space – you’d be surprised at how a few little updates will give your home a completely different feel.

Expert tip

Team your striking dark accents with calm off-white shades such as Rock Salt and Chic Shadow. Then turn the impact up a notch by bringing in dark furniture and accessories for added graphic appeal. Looking sharp!

7. Cornflower White

Cornflower White

Expert tip

Find out more about our Dulux Easycare range and see all available colours on the Dulux Easycare product page.