Whether you’re thinking about selling up, or simply want to enjoy your outdoor space, it’s always worth sprucing up the exterior of your home to unlock its full potential.

According to a recent article in The Times, there are six updates you should consider if you're looking to add value to your home from the outside. Here they are, along with some tips from us on how to tackle them one by one…

1. Make it private

Is your patch slightly overlooked? Shield it from the neighbours' gaze by putting trellising along the top of fencing to extend the screening effect. Once that's done, it's vital to keep fences (and walls, but we'll come onto that later) in good repair for prospective buyers, so paint them in Cuprinol Ducksback. It not only protects sheds and fences for up to 5 years thanks to its weatherproof formula, but also smartens up fences. Finish by planting climbers such as honeysuckle and jasmine. Easy.

2. Add variety

Bring visual interest with split-level decking or a raised patio. This is also a great way to level out a sloping garden or add extra functionality – broad, deep steps can be summer seating or a nice place to display potted plants. If you can't stretch to landscaping your plot, add a splash of colour to wooden planters and furniture or even stone, terracotta or brick surfaces with Cuprinol Garden Shades instead – it'll help to draw the eye around the space and keep things interesting.

3. Set boundaries

Give each area of your garden a purpose and border areas with different flooring or stone edges or by adding themed features and furniture so that potential buyers can visualise themselves using the garden. Read our step-by-step guide on how to paint outdoor furniture to brush up on the preparation.

4. Lighten up

Install some folding glass doors or windows to unite your living space and garden, and allow light, fresh air and the sound of birdsong into the house, while extending your living area.

5. Low maintenance

Paving a garden keeps grass cutting to a minimum and can make an area more versatile, not to mention appeal to potential buyers who might be put off by a high maintenance garden. Plant trees and flowers around the edges to retain a garden feel.

6. Add character

Use attractive or unusual plants, or consider creating a focal point with a central water feature. If you're not so green-fingered however, you can create character with other design tricks, such as sprucing up the exterior walls with a lick of paint. Dulux Weathershield has an array of colours to choose from, and you can even find a shade to match your planting with Weathershield Paint Mixing Smooth Masonry.

Now that you're ready to make sure your garden is up to its full potential, browse the huge range of Garden Shades on the Cuprinol website.