At last, the days are getting longer and summer is on its way! There’s no better way to celebrate than maximising every last ray of light with a bedroom refresh. Here are six schemes that’ll have you waking up full of get-up-and-go…

Spring Bedrooms 2

Just Peachy

Channel this delicate Soft Peach shade and you can pretend you’re waking up to a Miami sunrise each morning – no matter what the Great British weather decides to do.

Expert tip

Paint your bed frame in a pastel hue for an even sunnier start to the day, then decorate your walls with a generous scattering of your favourite prints and posters. Because nothing makes us happier than a gallery wall – fact.

Spring Bedrooms 1

Fade away

Nobody likes to be woken up suddenly, so awaken to a gentle colour gradient in soft ice cream tones (gently does it now). Sugary sweet pastels look oh-so cool when applied in a colour fade, so pick two or three shades in similar tones, like this combination of Fruit Fool 6, Frayed Hessian 2 and Rock Candy 6.

Expert tip

To increase that good-mood feeling, try our Light + Space Matt paint, which makes any room feel brighter and more spacious with light-reflective particles which reflect up to twice as much light back into your room (compared to our conventional emulsion paints).

Spring Bedrooms 3

Hip to be square

Don’t feel the need to banish black – graphic, monochrome schemes can turn up the contrast in your space, making it look even fresher and brighter. This grid effect has a playful twist with the addition of large, randomly placed polka dots in Sumatran Melody 4 to lighten things up.

Expert tip

This grid effect is easy to do – although it takes a bit of marking up time. You start by painting the wall in Rich Black. Then, once you’ve measured and marked your wall up with tape in a grid formation, you can roller over the whole wall in black again to seal the tape. Once dry, give it a few coats of white paint, and then the fun part, peeling off the tape!

Spring Bedrooms 4

Green with envy

Soothing yet uplifting, green is a natural choice for the bedroom if you want to bring the outside in. A muted shade such as Highland Falls 3 strikes a balance between calm and reviving and works well with both dark and light wood tones.

Expert tip

Complement your walls with house plants, flora, botanical prints, and foliage-patterned textiles to make sure you wake up full of vitality. If you’re not so good at remembering to water the plants however, maybe just stick to the prints and textiles…

Spring Bedrooms 5

White out

Don’t be afraid of painting walls white. Contrary to misconception, it can create a warm and uplifting ambience – even Pure Brilliant White. Compliment white with lots of tactile materials to turn up the cosy factor; silk linens, sheepskin rugs and raw timber night stands and drift off the most stylish of slumbers.

Expert tip

For a warmer white, try Chiffon White 3 or Chalk Blush 4, or to cool things down a touch try a grey tinted white such as Rock Salt.

Spring Bedrooms 6

Zed head

Bring some wow-factor to a neutral off-white scheme with a giant letter mural. And because it’s the bedroom, Z is the just the letter! Light and bright, but definitely not boring.

Expert tip

Tone down the impact of a large mural by picking a soft, muted shade to paint your design in. This room set features Mauve Tale, but you could try taking it down even further to a lighter shade.

Try out all these shades and lots more on your walls at the touch of a screen on our free Visualizer app. You'll be saying 'good morning' to your new light and bright bedroom in no time.

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