The heart of your home, your kitchen is a real hard worker; not only does it have to function well, but it's most likely where you spend the most time, so of course you want it to look good too. The key to this? Organisation – and storage. We believe there's no such thing as a 'too small' space – any space can be beautiful with a few clever tricks, however tiny. Read on for how to squeeze the most out of your kitchen…

5 storage solutions 2

1. Climbing the wall

Transform a plain wooden ladder with a touch of paint and hang up your kitchen utensils so they’re always close at hand. Use a cool white such as Jasmine White against bright Pepper Red walls and you’ve got a striking display as well a practical storage unit that fits into awkward spaces.

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2. Looking up

Don’t neglect the space above your cabinets. Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess opted for wire baskets above cabinets for stashing any extra bits that you don’t need on a day to day. And if you’ve got tall ceilings to play around with – add a shelf for even more high-levelled storage.

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3. Over the top

If counter space is lacking in your kitchen, an over the stove cutting board is the easy fix. Hey presto, you have yourself a multi-tasking space. Works the same over the sink too. Image from Apartment Therapy.

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4. Pretty Peggy

Inspired by Charm Pegboard kitchen storage. This one takes a little more DIY. Using a mixture of baskets to hold salt, pepper or things you’re always reaching for and hooks for hanging measuring cups, spoons, saucepans. Use a shelf on the top of your pegboard to store tools and utensils that you want to show off but don’t use on a regular basis.

5 storage solutions 3

5. All bar one

If you’re lacking on space for a breakfast table, then a shelf and a few brackets will create a breakfast bar will bring space-saving style to your kitchen.

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