After the joys of swapping and unwrapping gifts, comes a slight problem – what to do with it all? Here are some smart solutions for storing your Christmas bounty and keeping the house clutter and stress-free in style courtesy of Dulux's Amazing Space design team..

Storage Solutions 1

1. Back of the door

Harness overlooked and unused space (literally) by installing an over-door storage solution. Keep it simple with extended door hooks and canvas tote bags, as seen on House of Jade Interiors, which have the added benefit of being mobile and transportable around the house. For something more fixed, there’s no reason you can’t use a metal over-door storage rack (commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens) on the back of cupboard doors in bedrooms (as seen on Better Homes and Gardens).

Storage Solutions 2

2. DIY Toy Tidies

Say goodbye to stepping on toy cars with your bare feet for the umpteenth time, because these neat storage hacks provide a home for a whole array of small (but annoying) toys and objects. Use a hanging shoe rack with pockets for keeping the Barbie clan in their place a la Apartment Therapy, or fashion a multistory makeshift garage out of an empy carboard box and cardboard tubes. Find out how to make your own via Petit-on.

Storage Solutions 3

3. Bedside Storage

Keep you favourite objects, old and new, at your bedside where you can see them. Wall mounted boxes create the illusion of more space because it clears the floor. Plus, they’re modular, so if you need to find more space, you can just add them on as and when. Get this look as seen at Better Homes and Gardens with simple wooden boxes or crates such as Ikea’s Knagglig boxes (£5 each) and personalise with a lick of Made by Me furniture paint.

Storage Solutions 4

4. On Wheels

Small storage boxes are an easy and affordable solution for post Christmas clutter. To keep your clutter hidden store these boxes under your coffee table or bed. Make the contents more accessible by using boxes with casters or add casters to a box you already own. Create a rustic look with this Vintage Storage Box on Wheels from Rose & Grey (£59) or for a cost-effective alternative, head to Ikea where you can pick up this Raskog trolley (£49), or add some Rill casters (£9 for two) to an Skogsta wooden crate (£7).

Storage Solutions 5

5. Hidden Storage

Multi-tasking furniture is space-saving by nature. Living room clutter can be speedily tidied away in Arlo & Jacob’s chic Watson footstool, or Ikea’s Stocksund bench, and remains close at hand for when you need it again.

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