It’s no secret that we love an Ikea hack or two – when it comes to giving furniture and accessories a personal touch without breaking the bank, you can't go wrong. An everyday flat-pack piece can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind show stopper using supplies you probably have laying around your home. So, put that leftover paint and old tester pots to good use and add a splash of colour to your home – these five easy hacks from bloggers and crafty DIYers will inspire you to get creative and really put your stamp on your space.


1. Marius Stool

Darleen Meier claims this on-trend DIY hack takes 10 minutes. A faux fur stool adds a stylish amount of interest in a cosy corner or bathroom. It’s small enough to squeeze almost anywhere around the house.

Difficulty: easy-peasy

Time: 10-30 minutes

You’ll need:


2. Ordning Cutlery Stand

This sturdy, stainless steel cutlery stand can be spotted in many kitchens. But this £1.50 gem can also be turned into a clever storage solution. Turn the Ordning cutlery stand on its side in your bathroom to store away supplies or use it in a bedroom for bits and bobs. Paint it in a colour to suit your scheme, attach to the wall et voila!

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy-peasy

You’ll need:

IKEA HACKS 3 kitchen

3. Besta Cabinets

Refresh plain white Besta cabinets like Sugar & Cloth with a DIY colour block effect. Go for a rainbow of pastel shades for a bright and contemporary twist on playful pastels.

Time: 1 day

Difficulty: Not too complicated

You’ll need:

IKEA HACKS 2 bracket

4. Ekby Stilig Brackets

Turn shelf brackets into a contemporary light fixture like this hack by Apartment Therapy using Ekby Stilig brackets, (£2 each). You can paint the bracket in any colour you like to match your scheme. What a bright idea.

Time: 1-2 hours

Difficulty: A walk in the park

You’ll need:


5. Tarva Chest of Drawers

Possibly the most popular Ikea piece to hack there is, the Tarva chest of drawers is full of possibilities for DIY-ers. What makes it so hack-able? The pinewood material can easily be painted and the wood knobs the Tarva series come with are easily modified or switched and upgraded for other knobs. We like this very colourful hack straight from Ikea’s Ideas section itself. Make it a ‘wow’ statement piece in a teenager’s bedroom.

Time: A weekend

Difficulty: Not too difficult

You’ll need:

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