Not every home is blessed with a grassy lawn.

But even if yours is limited on outdoor space, or is made up of a few slabs of concrete, you can still add greenery to your small space or make whatever square footage you do have as homely as possible.

5 Ideas for Small Garden Spaces

1. Completely hooked

When it comes to small spaces, every inch saved can really make the difference. So, utilise your vertical space. By adding hooks and shelves onto your garden walls you can hang chairs, lanterns or barbecue utensils (for all the sunny weekends) and free up much needed ground space. Give them a bright lick of paint in a Garden Shade like Beach Blue + Dazzling Yellow.

5 Ideas for Small Garden Spaces 3

2. Mirror, mirror

Placing a mirror strategically in the garden can create a whole new dimension to your outside space. Tip: Think about what the mirror is reflecting back. Try and avoid reflecting the back of the house and instead place the mirror at an angle facing more foliage or a garden fence. As seen in House and Garden.

5 Ideas for Small Garden Spaces 2

3. Crate expectations

No soil needn’t mean you have to forgo foliage. Recycling wooden crates with a lick of paint into pretty planters ready for herbs and flora is both easy and pocket-friendly. Pick your Cuprinol Garden Shade to paint the crates and then hang them on your garden walls for a cool and cosy effect. Or give your crates a personalised touch with added stripes. Follow our step-by-step guide to create it yourself.

5 Ideas for Small Garden Spaces 4

4. Twinkle effect

There’s nothing better than a canopy of sparkling garden fairy lights come barbecue season. Drape them from one or wrap them around your fence or trees. Try these solar fairy lights from Poundstretcher.

5 Ideas for Small Garden Spaces 4

5. Step it up

Turn an old or unused ladder into a focal point for your garden. Give it a lick of paint and hey presto! The ladder has turned into a beautiful decor ready for showcasing your plant pots. Get the step-by-step guide from Good Housekeeping.

There are dozens of beautiful colours on offer in Cuprinol’s Garden Shades range, so you can coordinate your outdoor furniture and DIY project with your planting scheme. Take your pick of the bunch by visiting the Cuprinol Garden Shades page.