It’s the first thing we see when you walk through the front door, but often we forget to give our hallway the love it deserves when decorating our home.

A busy hallway needn't sacrifice style. Read on for five hallway ideas that’ll make your entrance, and by using Dulux Easycare, you can wipe away scuffs and daily wear and tear, keeping your colour scheme looking fresh for longer.

Hallway Colour Schemes 1

Stripe Ahead

Add a focal point to your walls using the coolest of patterns. Horizontal stripes can draw the eye through any awkward space.

You can play around with the width of your stripes for a contemporary effect and keep your colour palette muted; soothing greens like these are great for a fresh and calm feel – Just the thing to come home to after a long day. These colours are Tuscan Glade 1, Jurassic Stone, Crushed Aloe, Goose Down and White Mist.

Expert tip: To keep your hallway calm and zen, decorate using natural-looking dark wooden furniture and accessorise with lots of leafy and stress-busting house plants.

Hallway Colour Schemes 2

Heads Up

An unexpectedly bright ceiling painted in a bold and happy shade such as Banana Split can put a spring in your step as you walk in and out of the door. Channel a holiday feel all-year-round by adding in aztec print rugs and wood woven baskets. Keep your adjacent walls in light hues to keep the balance.

Expert tip: This eye-catching look works really well with light-filled rooms and taller ceilings. To give shorter ceilings a boost of colour, go for cooler hues like a soothing Chic Shadow.

Hallway Colour Schemes 3

Purple Reign

Embrace the dark and break up long, narrow hallways with a feature wall in a contrasting shade such as sumptuous Purple Sage 1 (available in Endurance+) or Sapphire Salute. It’ll make even more of a dramatic entrance when paired with an airy light shade such as Jasmine White.

Expert tip: Draw your eye up and create the illusion of more space by painting your landing wall a different hue to the rest of the space.

Hallway Colour Schemes

It takes two

One of the simplest ways to add personality and dimension to your walls is through a two-tone look. Heighten the look of your ceiling by adding the lighter colour on the top half.

Expert tip: Looking for a different combination? One reliable strategy is to pick two shades from the same colour family, or from the same paint swatch card.

Hallway Colour Schemes 5

Step forward

Give your hall a kick of colour by painting a stripe of vivid colour all the way up the stairs. It’s a super way to add a twist to a space without being overwhelming – plus, you can afford to be a little bolder here as it’s a space you move through. So crack open that tin!

Expert tip: Use an extra wide masking tape to mark out your stripe to give yourself more room to roller in. A handy trick is to paint over the inside edges of the tape in your wall colour first to seal it (to avoid any colour bleeding under the tape). Once dry, paint over in your chosen accent colour.

Unsure which hallway idea is perfect for your home? Try the Dulux Visualizer App’s ‘mask’ function to play with colour schemes and combinations.

Get to know our Dulux Easycare range, a diamond tough formula gives the busiest hallway a tough coat of armour.