Having a creative space for kids at home is a must. Not only for them, but for parents too (who know from experience that crayons, toys or books can spread through the house in seconds, turning up in every nook and cranny for months on end).

Even if your house is a little on the small side, we say embrace it – creating their own ‘kids zone’ especially for them in the adult rooms will help encourage them to take pride in their own space and nurture their creative sides. Here are a few ideas to start with:

Create Kid Zones in Adult Spaces 4

Reading nook

There’s no better cosy spot for little bookworms than a teepee hideaway. Pop it in a corner in your living room to keep them entertained while you have guests over, or throw down some floor cushions and add a little shelf at child friendly height - et voila! Read our step-by-step guide to recreate the full look in a bedroom.

Create Kid Zones in Adult Spaces 1

Art corner

Inspire creativity with an art corner, this one works really well in the kitchen where you can keep an eye on them, and you can both be busy away creating your respective masterpieces.

Create Kid Zones in Adult Spaces 3

Homework den

Keep your student’s concentration on top form by inviting them into your own study spot. Having their very own little study section nestled in your home office can give them the motivation they need to succeed in school. All it takes is adding a dedicated kid desk with space for them to hang their creations and keep their pencils and rulers tidy in.

Create Kid Zones in Adult Spaces 2

Mini garden patch

Once warm weather is on the horizon (c’mon sunshine) and school holidays are edging closer, get started on your garden with your budding gardener.

Fence off a little patch of soil or give them a couple of pots to plant and grow their own veggies and herbs in and they’ll be encouraged to learn new skills and responsibility with their own outdoors project.

For more ideas and inspiration for kids rooms visit the Dulux Kids page.