Waste not, want not. Making use of your leftover testers can not only be resourceful (and thrifty!) but you can also get pretty creative results with that little bit of paint.

If you’re looking for an easy project to make a small update to your little one’s bedroom, grab your tester pots and read on for four simple projects to give their space a little wow-factor.

3 kids projects you can do with a tester pot 3

1. Easy as 1, 2, 3…!

Clutter be gone! Get their bits and pieces organised with a numbered stencil or two. Either use a stencil on walls above hooks or hangers or paint numbers on baskets or drawers like these examples from Land of Nod. This trick works a charm if you're going for a Sports themed bedroom. You can buy ready-made stencils in most good craft shops, or make your own from card.


2. Spell it out

Adding decorative letters to walls is a stylish way to personalize a kid’s room. Spell out their name or initials with a few painted wooden letters from Hobbycraft (£1) and hang them up like this lovely example from our Facebook follower, Amy Slater.

3 kids projects you can do with a tester pot 4

3. Animal Kind

Or you can take stencils a step further like these animal stencils as seen at Real Simple. A simple animal stencil can be used on the wall with different coloured paint for this confetti-like effect with their favourite creatures.

For more kids bedroom ideas, download the Dulux Kids’ Project Workbook. All colour swatch testers ordered online now have free delivery. Choose and order your colours here.