You don’t have to be blessed with perfect draftsman skills to create your kids’ dream bedroom. All you need is a great template and a bunch of ideas! Circles are so versatile – there are endless themes and images you can build up with them. Here are three simple ideas to get you started…

3 Kids’ Bedroom Themes You Can Create With Circles Hero

1. Mural magic

Difficulty rating: Not too tricky

Time: A day

By using different sized circular templates together you can create anything (well, almost!). Take this tree mural for example; by arranging large and medium sized circular templates next to each other and securing with tape, you can draw around the outline to give yourself a tree shape to fill in. Then just use smaller circular templates (or draw around a plate) for the fruit – ta dah! There are heaps of other designs you can use a circle as your starting point for. Here are a few other ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Balloons
  • Planets
  • Clouds
  • Footballs and sports
  • Portholes
Other Nature Flowers

2. Plant power

Difficulty rating: Not too tricky

Time: A day

Make your own feature wall with a collection of circular motifs that echo plants and trees. Simply draw around plates or different sized circular objects with chalk directly onto your wall, mask out the stalks with tape and paint inside the lines freehand with a brush. Or, if you’d rather use circular templates, read the step-by-step below to find out how.

confetti effect

3. Confetti effect polka dots

Difficulty rating: Easy-peasy

Time: A few hours to a weekend

Go dotty with this playful effect – you can tailor the colour palette to whatever theme your little one desires. A blue, green and grey combo could make for a brilliant under-the-sea theme – you could even create circles templates in a variety of sizes to imitate bubbles! Or, go for fun pastels to create an arty look. Line up your circles in a row or paint them at random – the choice is yours and your child’s.

How to create your polka dot template

1: Draw around a circular object (e.g. a plate or paint can) to make a paper template and stencil. Cut the stencil using a craft knife (make a few templates and the job will be much quicker and easier).

2: Use the foam roller – with not too much paint loaded onto it – and fill in the stencilled shape. Continue to colour one circle at a time until you have finished. Easy!

Get your kids’ bedroom project started by downloading our free Kids’ Bedroom Workbook.