There are so many themes to pick from when looking for creative ideas for your kids’ dream bedroom. And there are so many different ways to achieve those looks. One unique tool that is both pocket-friendly and fun to use is, believe it or not, torn paper!

Here are three super-simple ways to use this painting technique in your little one’s room...


1. Jungle fever

Difficulty rating: Not too difficult

Time: A weekend

Nature-loving explorers will love this luscious-green jungle backdrop. Use a torn piece of paper to create a fading green horizon like this example. A selection of greens from dark to light make for a Jurassic Park worthy jungle-scape.

How to create your jungle horizon

1. First mark out three horizontal line across your wall. Cut two pieces of lining paper the length of your wall and tear them both in two horizontally. The wavy-er the edge the better.

2. Line up the torn edge with the top horizon mark (keeping the un-torn edge uppermost) and then fix it into place using masking tape (you are going to use the torn edge as the first distant jungle horizon).

3. Use a small paint roller to run over the torn edge and paint down the wall to just beyond the next horizon line.

4 Once the wall is dry use a new piece of torn paper with a different shaped edge to create the horizon in the mid tone colour. Repeat this to the floor with the deepest shade.

For the step-by-step video check out How to Create a Jungle Themed Kids Bedroom

3 kids bedroom themes using torn paper 1

2. Under the sea

Difficulty rating: not too difficult

Time: a weekend

You can also make your own striking underwater seascape using a similar technique as the Jungle horizon. Switch up your colour palette to a combination of blues and greens like Sea Urchin 2 and Sea Blue. Use smaller and more frequent gaps when painting the next wave line and mix up deep shades with light shades as you go along. Hey presto! This magical paint effect is bound to make a splash in their bedroom.

3 kids bedroom themes using torn paper 2

3. Another dimension

Difficulty rating: moderately easy (might need a little patience!)

Time: 1 day

Get your kids’ imagination ticking with a 3D ‘hole in the wall’ effect. Use a little ripped lining paper to create this eye-popping statement. You can let your creative juices flow and decide which other universe your portal will be leading to. Whether it's a splash of outer space, an underwater seascape, or cloud-studded skies. There's also the option to simply stick the effect on with a decal like this example from Ali Express.

Looking for more kids bedroom ideas? Download the Dulux Kid’s Project Workbook.

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