1. You can name at least five different shades of grey.

  2. Your bookshelves are colour coded.

  3. You have more cushions on your bed than you know what to do with.

  4. You can spot a design classic at 50 paces…

  5. And a fake at 100.

  6. Your salary is more likely to go towards a new wardrobe than clothes to fill it with.

  7. You never use the overhead lighting in your home – it’s all about side lighting.

  8. And exposed, industrial-style filament bulbs.

  9. You base your cosmetic choices solely on how well they match your dressing table or bathroom cabinet.

  10. Your idea of a fun day out is a trip to Ikea.

  11. You take pride in pointing out exactly where the wallpaper on that new TV show was sourced from.

  12. You can’t resist buying mismatched china/cutlery/glassware from charity shops and markets.

  13. Your re-arrange your mantlepiece display at least once a week.

  14. You aspire to having at least one exposed brick wall in your home.

  15. You have a terrarium.

  16. Your pets drink/eat from designer bowls.

  17. You were dip-dying your curtains way before anyone else.

  18. Your home has at least one wall covered in blackboard paint.

  19. You already know what theme you're going with for your Christmas decorations this year.

  20. You spend a scary amount of time on Pinterest.

  21. You have a wall of cluster frames to display your artwork and photos.

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