Made the most of your long weekend and been up to a bit of decorating? Thought so. If you have one, some, or all of the following, you'll know it too…

  1. Your hands have a lovely emulsion-speckled look.

  2. There’s still a paint roller wrapped up in a plastic bag in the garage – just in case.

  3. Your garden plant pots still have the barcode sticker on them.

  4. You now need a new pair of jeans/trainers.

  5. Your lower back/hamstrings are strangely achey.

  6. You keep finding screws and nails between the floorboards.

  7. The car has a sprinkling of bedding soil/sawdust/Ikea sweet wrappers.

  8. You need more storage for all those extra 'essentials' you needed to buy to complete your project.

  9. Your kitchen is a no-go zone, so you treated yourself to a takeaway. Pretty much every night since Thursday.

  10. You've started to develop muscles on your arms.

  11. You suddenly realise that there are a million shades of white.

  12. You can't stop Instagramming your new cluster-frame wall/display shelves/garden project.

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