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Experiences are more fun when you share them with someone, and at Dulux we feel the same way about colour. Our new app makes sharing your decorating ideas easy.

Our free Visualizer app gives you access to hundreds of colours and ready-made schemes at the tap of a screen. Whether you’re colour confident or looking for help in finding the shades that go together, the updated Visualizer makes decorating fuss-free by showing you how your room could look before you've even ordered your testers.

Simply take a photo of the space, then scroll through a huge range of colours, tapping the ones you like to see them ‘painted’ on your walls. Want to match your walls to an accessory or artwork? The colour-picker tool will give you paint suggestions.

We share our lives and spaces with our friends and family, so it’s only natural to want their input into the important matter of home décor. If you’re keen to get a second opinion (or a third, or a fourth – you get the picture...) before you take the plunge, you can share your schemes with friends, family, and even professionals, straight from the app, either directly or via social media.

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Simple steps to sharing your colour ideas:

  1. Take a photo or video of the room you’d like to decorate.

  2. Tap the screen to select your chosen paint shade – you can do this as many times as you like to explore a range of colours.

  3. Save your photos or videos into a project.

  4. Tap to email your visualisation, or post it on Facebook or Twitter.

You can even ask friends and family to add their own colour suggestions, so you can see their ideas, too. But as trusted as our nearest and dearest are, sometimes you need a bit of expert advice. With the Dulux Visualizer, you can share your room ideas with your decorator to get a professional opinion and help you feel confident with your palette before you start putting paint to wall.

Testers are the final stage to make doubly sure your colour choice will work in your space. A few taps on the app will have your testers ordered and on their way. And once you’ve made a final decision, it’s easy to order your paint this way, too.