The home experts at Your Move have stepped in for Dr Dulux this week with all the tips, tricks and what to watch out for before putting your home on the market.

Q: ‘We’re moving soon and want to get our current home in tip top shape before showing it to any potential buyers. What are the key things we should be looking out for (without spending too much on redecorating!)?’ Steven, Nottingham

A: 'Hi, Steven. Overall it’s all about putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes – looking from the exterior of the property right through to viewing every room within it. As a start, the most important rooms to consider when smartening up your home to sell are the kitchen and bathroom:

5 ideas for updating a bathroom on a budget


'When presenting a bathroom it’s important to check out if any mould has formed around the bath or shower area or if there is any mildew present that buyers would need to remove (a real turn off!). If decorating, make sure the colour of the bath or any tiles is complementary to the paint colour you choose.'

'Provided that existing fixtures and fittings allow, consider introducing a theme for the bathroom – why not introduce this year’s hottest shade – relying on greys.' Try Coastal Grey or Chic Shadow.

Dr Dulux: How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell


'In the kitchen try to introduce a colour theme that is neutral and will appeal to most tastes, and one that ties in with built in fixtures and fittings and any tiles you might have. If you can’t decide what colour to go for, go for white – it instantly ‘lifts’ a room and can make it look cleaner and larger in appearance.' Try Dulux Ultra White for a crisp and clean look.

If you are worried this might look too plain, simply invest in a few items (in a complimentary colour or pattern) that would add to the kitchen’s overall presentation – a neatly placed tea towel and even a vase of flowers can work wonders during a property viewing.

how to paint kitchen cupboards


If existing kitchen cupboards look tired, consider repainting them. There are some lovely Cupboard Paint shades now available to do this and can instantly improve the look of a room with the added bonus that it might reassure buyers that they won’t have to go to the expense of replacing them should they decide to buy. Read up on Dr Dulux: How to Paint Kitchen Cupboards to find out how to give your cupboards a fresh new look.


Next, check out the doors that lead to the outside or to other rooms within the property (not forgetting the skirting boards). It’s all too easy to miss the chips and scuffs that inevitably appear over time (particularly in the kitchen), which can give the impression that the property is in poor repair.

Watch the video for our guide on how to paint your doors and door frames.

Weathershield 9


Your home's exterior plays a big part in whether someone chooses to view a property in the first place so make sure your front door and any external fences etc are repainted – or replaced – if necessary.

Read more on Dr Dulux: How to Smarten Up Your Home's Exterior.

Make full use of space

While you may consider the under stairs cupboard surplus to requirements, with a lick of paint it can be easily transformed into a useful cloakroom that can wow guests when they visit. A great space to leave coats and free up space (and keep things tidy!) near the front door.

Find out more about our Cupboard Paint, Weathershield ranges for exterior paints and our Kitchen+ and Bathroom+ paints for prepping your home to sell.

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