What is Dulux Weathershield? How does it work?

Weathershield is a specialist range of paint for exterior masonry, wood and metal that uses advanced technology to help withstand the elements, so your paint will look better for longer.

Weathershield Smooth Masonry and Textured Masonry paints contain a unique, high-performance acrylic resin that actively resists peeling and flaking. The quick-drying formulation means it’s rainproof in just 30 minutes, while our advanced, slow-release biocide technology protects against mould stains.

How does the Weathershield Promise work?

The new Weathershield Promise is available on all qualifying tins of Weathershield Masonry paint once you’ve registered your product with our easy-to-use portal.

If our Weathershield Smooth Masonry and/or Textured Masonry paint should peel or flake, or if there’s mould growth within the paint film for as long as you live in your home, we promise to return the value of a replacement product to you*.

Registration and paint application is required within six months of purchase. *See here for full T&Cs and exclusions.

What’s the best filler to use under Weathershield products?

For best results, always thoroughly prepare your surfaces before you start to paint. Our Polycell Multi Purpose Exterior Polyfilla range has a wide selection of products to fill in cracks or gaps of any size, which, once dry, can be painted over with a Weathershield product of your choice.

Can I use Weathershield products indoors?

Weathershield is specially designed to protect the exterior of your home from outdoor weather conditions. For your interior, see our extensive interior range here. Our indoor paint is available in a wider range of colours, too.

Do you offer a matt/eggshell finish in the Weathershield range?

Our Weathershield range isn’t available in matt or eggshell. Weathershield Masonry is available in Smooth or Textured finish, and our exterior paint comes in gloss, high gloss and satin finish.

Can you use Weathershield Masonry Paint on bricks?

Our Smooth and Textured Masonry paint is perfect for covering bricks*, but it’s important to prepare the surface before application. Use a stiff brush to remove any loose material, and fill in any cracks with our Polycell Polyfilla range. External brick walls may need treating with a fungicidal wash, and if the surface is porous or powdery, apply a coat of Dulux Weathershield Stabilising Primer.

*not suitable for use on fletton bricks

Is your Weathershield range breathable?

Yes, Weathershield products are micro-porous and breathable, allowing moisture and air to be released. However, they aren’t suitable for lime render (please see below).

Can Weathershield Masonry Paint be used on lime render? 

We wouldn’t recommend it. Lime render needs paint that allows a completely free passage of water vapour and has low tension as it dries. Lime render is quite friable, and needs specific paint, such as a mineral silicate one. Try specialist company Keim, which has a range of mineral paints for use inside and out.

Where can I buy Dulux Weathershield?

Dulux Weathershield is available to buy at Dulux stockists nationwide and online on Dulux.co.uk. To find your nearest Dulux stockist, click here.

How many colours is Weathershield available in?

This will depend on the product. Weathershield Smooth Masonry paint is available in 21 shades, whereas Weathershield Textured Masonry paint comes in 7 shades. For a full list of Weathershield products and the colours they are available in, visit dulux.co.uk.

Why can’t I get dark colours mixed into Weathershield Masonry Paint?

We only have a Medium Base available for colour mixing and you’d need an Extra Deep Base for deeper colours, which is not available for Weathershield Masonry Paint.

How much will I need to buy?

Again, this will vary depending on which Weathershield product you use. Weathershield Smooth Masonry paint typically provides coverage of 15m2/L, compared to 9m2/L coverage for Weathershield Textured Masonry paint. The coverage is different for other products in the Weathershield range.

For help with working out the amount of Weathershield paint you’ll need, read our article on calculating paint.

How do I use Weathershield on wood and metal?

We recommend using our 3 step system for ultimate protection when using exterior Gloss and Satin products. This consists of primer, undercoat and topcoat. To read more about this, click here.