What’s a bank holiday without a spot of decorating? That extra day gives us the opportunity to get all those niggling jobs and projects done – well, that’s the theory anyway. So, make the most of that three-day weekend by making sure you don’t take any wrong-turns along the way. Here’s Dr Dulux’s guide to the dos and don’ts of decorating to help you win at decorating. You’ll thank us come Monday night when your home looks fabulous.


  1. Work from the top of the room down – this goes for preparation as well as painting. First of all, watch our How to Decorate in the Right Order videos for in depth instructions. But the quick run down is to to start with the ceiling, then your architrave, and once you start painting the walls, work from the top down with your roller. Finish with your woodwork and skirting. Nice job!

  2. Paint the edges of the wall first with a two-inch brush. This is called ‘cutting in’. Then fill in the rest of wall with a roller.

  3. Apply your paint in a ‘W’ shape on the wall. Go over the ‘W’ with an ‘M’ shape to fill in the gaps and then reload you roller and move onto the next section of wall. This gives the best coverage meaning you’ll need less coats (and will have more time to put your feet up)!

  4. Save time by sealing your paint-filled roller heads in plastic bags if you’re going to be painting in the same colour the next day. Just make sure they’re not the kind with small holes in the bottom or your roller will dry out.


  1. Forget to prep your walls. Give them a clean with warm soapy water and allow to dry fully before you start painting. Depending on the condition of your walls you may need to fill in any cracks with fillers like Polycell and give them a light sand too.

  2. Load your brush with too much paint. You don’t want a lumpy finish, do you? The paint shouldn’t come down further than halfway down the brush.

  3. Paint directly out of the can. Colours can vary slightly from paint can to paint can, so always decant paint into a smaller container to mix it before you start painting. Plus, if you have an accident and knock over the can, you’ll be cleaning up 10 litres of emulsion. Not what you want to be doing on your bank holiday.

Need more decorating help? Check out our YouTube channel for how-to videos on How To Paint A Ceiling and How to Paint a Wall.