It’s easy to forget all about our spare bedrooms until there’s an overnight visitor on the horizon. Whether a quick-fix spruce-up will do, or some bigger changes are needed, don’t panic. It doesn’t have to be a hassle and with a bit of advance planning, you can make sure your home is ready to offer a warm welcome to any visitor.

Here are our experts’ top tips and tricks:

Dr. Dulux Spare Bedroom 1

Quick fixes for a spare bedroom

Difficulty: Pretty simple

Time: Between half an hour to half a day

  • De-clutter – Embrace your charitable side and donate any unwanted items to your favourite organisation.

  • Stylish storage – Tuck away all that stuff you don’t use every day. A few beautiful storage ideas we love include this bamboo basket (£18), John Lewis and Habitat’s grey metal storage trunk (£40).

  • Space for clothes – No one likes to live out of a suitcase, so make your guests feel at home by creating somewhere for them to hang their clothes. If you don’t have room in a wardrobe, we suggest a clothes rail or even some lovely hooks and gorgeous padded coat hangers will be much appreciated.

  • A vase of fresh flowers or a warm spiced candle, like this one from John Lewis, (£15) will add a welcoming touch to their room and only takes minutes to achieve.

Dr. Dulux Spare Bedroom

Even quicker fixes for a hotel-like feel

Difficulty: Easy-peasy

Time: A few minutes

  • Everyone loves that ‘fresh sheet feeling’ so give your guests a treat with clean, crisp bed linen. Opt for a plain snowy white or neutral set to suit everybody and dress the bed with some colourful cushions to add interest. We love this hotel standard duvet cover from Dunelm Mill, (£29.99). Don’t forget to include a soft knitted throw or faux fur for added homeliness.

  • Include a little box for them full with all of the essentials for their stay (such as toothpaste), you can even include a little welcome note that includes the wifi password and family shower schedules (if you’re that organised)!

  • Fold fresh white towels at the end of their bed for a welcoming touch.

                                                                    		                Dr Dulux spare room 2

Larger projects for spare bedrooms

Difficulty: A little challenging

Time: Half a day

Your spare room is a brilliant place for embracing bolder design choices you love yet are nervous about. As this is a room often only used on an occasional basis, it’s a great opportunity to get creative. If you’ve got the time and inclination try a statement wallpaper or a vibrant new colour scheme.

Here are a few bolder ideas to get you inspired:

1. Feature wall – Painting one wall in a contrasting shade gives a room focus and personality. The classic golden tone of Dutch Gold 2 looks great as a feature wall shade behind the bed, you can also carry this warm and cosy tone to window recesses for an extra pop of colour. For more feature wall ideas read 3 Striking Feature Wall Ideas.

2. Floating shelves – installing shelves can be a great solution for small spaces lacking in storage. Freeing up coveted floor space.

3. Paint effect headboard – Even the simplest of beds can be dressed up and given a little ‘wow’ factor. Impress guests with a quirky paint effect headboard such as this example above in White Mist and Sapphire Salute. It’s simpler than it looks, you can just follow our tutorial step-by-step video and get the masking tape out!

Dr Dulux spare room 1

Guest bedroom colour schemes

The guest bedroom is often the smallest room in the house, so sometimes adding a little light and airy lift works wonders to its aesthetics.

Blue tones will create a soothing and tranquil surrounding, perfect for unwinding after a busy day of socialising. A dreamy blue that we really love is Celestial Cloud 5.

A lovely light organic feeling neutral that complements Celestial Cloud 5 beautifully would be Dusted Moss 4. This shade has an ever so light undertone of green, resting harmoniously with pale blues.

Using these two colours in sync with one another and bringing metallic accents through in accessories such as this copper ceiling light shade from (£29) and this copper photo frame from Dunelm Mill, (£4.99) is sure to suit everybody’s taste and still adds enough interest to the room.

Get your colour testers sent straight to your letterbox by ordering them here.

If you don’t have a spare bedroom

Difficulty: Not too difficult

Time: Half an hour

If you’re hosting guests in spaces such as your living room or study, it’s time to get a little creative. The easiest solution is opting for a multi-functional sofa bed. We love this beautiful Halston sofa bed from, (£699).

Make the room as cosy as possible by having a look around the house for other pieces of furniture you can re-purpose. A hallway console table can easily become a dressing table, or a stool or side table can transform into a bedside table. Add a table lamp for bedtime reading close to their bedside so they don’t have to find their way in the dark from the main light switch to their bed!