Q: Help! I’ve got a small bathroom that desperately needs painting. It doesn’t get a lot of light though so I’m really unsure if a bold, bright colour or neutral white will be my best bet. What do you think Dr Dulux? Chloe, Hove

A: That’s a toughie Chloe. Of course, white is a popular choice and could help your bathroom look bigger. But before you crack open that paint tin it’s worth considering all your options.

People often fear dark colours in smaller space, but when contrasted with white bathroom furniture, tiles and accessories, it can make a bathroom feel cosy and sophisticated. Opt for shades of blue as it's notoriously a receding colour and makes smaller spaces feel bigger.

To add in texture and a point of interest, create a graphic grid on one wall as per the picture above in. Here we painted the whole room in Sea Urchin 1 and then created the grid using a tester pots of Teal Tension and Sea Blue.

As a word of advice, use Bathroom+ paint as it is equipped to deal with the steamy conditions of a bathroom, so you need not have to redecorate all that often. There's plenty off the shelf colours, but you can also get any shade mixed up at MixLab at your local Homebase.

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