CF17 New Romanticism 3

We feel a connection to nature. A responsibility to take care of the world, to be sustainable in every way. Take part in the barter economy, re-use products. We have an increasing interest in health and responsibly grown food and more of us than ever are trying to grow our own. Re-use your furniture by re-painting it, check the colour swatches below to visualise your colour options of this beautiful palette.

CF17 New Romanticism 4

“If your home is your sanctuary, you’ll enjoy applying these cool wall colours to create a calm, inviting mood. Offset the natural tones of Denim Drift , our Colour of the Year 2017, with this bold purple. Then blur the lines between indoors and outdoors by using a variety of lush plants and botanical elements, like these wicker accessories.”

CF17 New Romanticism 2

“This rich, nature-inspired palette is ideal for those of us who care as much about the world around us as our own well-being. The colours create a space for calm re¬ection. This need for a mindful space was a key decor trend in our Colour of the Year analysis. ”

Louise Tod

Senior Colour Designer – Global Aesthetic Center