Let's Colour Awards

Category: Colour Ambassador

Susie Bubble

Susie Bubble (Susanna Lau) is a writer and editor living in London. She started her fashion blog 'Style Bubble' in 2006, which champions young and unknown talent and now attracts over 300,000 views a month. Her style is influenced by holidays to Hong Kong, where "girls dress to please themselves", by new designers who have battled their way through to the mainstream and by fellow fashion bloggers. Lau was one of the first bloggers to be recognised by the fashion industry and now she is continuously seen in the front row of most high-end catwalk shows.

"Susie is a fantastic ambassador for colour as she has made career out of supporting emerging talent by championing and wearing new designs and telling the world about these innovative designers. This hasn’t wavered even though she’s so sought after by larger labels. She has an enviable ability to put texture, pattern and colour together in innovative ways which makes her an internationally renowned style icon."

Rebecca Thompson, Dulux Colour & Design Manager

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Category: Best Use of Colour in the Arts

Lenticular artwork by Sam Coldy

Sam Coldy is a graphic artist and art director living in London, whose lenticular artwork recently graced the cover of the self titled album by British band Carousels. Inspiration for this series comes from how thermochromatic pigments move and change colour with heat. Sam's technique is to overlay patterned vectors onto a 2D canvas to create the appearance of 3D textures. These colour-saturated abstracts have proved popular in the music world, with Coldy's client list already including Columbia Records, EMI, Moshi Moshi Records, Polydor and Red Bull.

"Many abstract artists display a fascination with colour, but Coldy's work has a fresh feel and for me really captures the intriguing idea of hyper colour. The palette is strong and in your face, but the technique creates a soft and cocooning effect which is a lovely juxtaposition. I'll be putting one of his prints on my Christmas list."

Louise Smith, Dulux Senior Global Colour Designer

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Category: Colour moment of the year

The Producers of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony

A worthy winner whose spectacular journey through the ages had the whole nation feeling proud to be British, punctuated by stunning pixelated audience participation and a cacophony of colour.

"It is impossible to think about the Olympic Opening Ceremony without feeling a huge sense of national pride and joy. The achievement of the Olympic team who collectively delivered a global event that will have a place in our hearts for the rest of our lives is astounding and I am delighted to have the honour of presenting the Dulux Lets Colour Award for the Colour Moment of the Year as token of our gratitude for using colour in the most spectacular and memorable way."

Marianne Shillingford, Dulux Creative Director

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Category: Contribution to colour

Nigel Dunnett’s Olympic Wildflower Meadows

The Melbourne based manufacturer’s aim was to transform a simple open air stadium into something that would become an London 2012 icon, that would stand out amongst the other more architecturally impressive structures within the Olympic Park. The result was the vibrant blue and pink surface of the temporary hockey stadium pitch.

Dr Martin Schlegel, Managing Director, said: "The new polymer pitch has set a new benchmark for the future of the sport by combining vibrant new colour schemes, environmentally responsible technology and exacting playability characteristics that are demanded by elite hockey athletes."

"One of the most memorable sights greeting visitors as they flew into London for the Olympic Games this summer was the pink and blue synthetic hockey pitch at the Olympic Park. Unofficially referred to as 'smurf turf', this extraordinary use of colour in artificial turf added a wonderful visual dimension that no one expected but everyone loved and continue to talk about throughout the event and beyond."

Ben Spriggs, Associate Editor, Sunday Times Style

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Category: Best Use of Colour in Fashion & Beauty

SISTER by Sibling

A womenswear collection that infuses outrageous colour clashes with avant-garde knits, designed by the collaborative effort of Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery - otherwise known as Sibling.

"Of all the nominees for the 'Best Use of colour in Fashion and Beauty' for me personally 'Sister' by Sibling stood head and shoulders above the rest. Not only is their use of colour both dynamic and powerful, but the creative mediums in which these colours are brought to life through texture and pattern are both inspiring and exciting. A truly visionary brand, who deserves to be recognised with this fitting award."

Kirsty Mitchell, Fine Art Photographer

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Category: Best Use of Colour in Home & Interiors

W&Q Collection

W&Q is the work of two young Chinese designers who are exploring the relationship between classic Chinese bamboo handcraft and modern Chinese design, using bold colour in unexpected ways - vibrant blues, emerald greens and sunburnt oranges mix with intricate woven pattern. The collection of chairs, which was launched at New Designers in Autumn 2012, have minimal structures crafted in steel which are transformed into colourful pieces of furniture using graphic, colourful patterns.

"This is an exciting and new take on handcrafts and feels fresh and directional, while also being easy to live with. A real update on creaky, wicker furniture!"

Suzanne Imre, Editor, Livingetc

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Category: Colour Innovation in Technology & Design

Philips 'Hue' Light bulb

A breakthrough in lighting technology, Philips introduced 'Hue' the first ever bespoke coloured light bulb, customisable in up to 16 million colours which can be selected to suit your mood from an iPad.

"Hue's use of colour is ephemeral and, as far as technology goes, it is one of the most complex LED light bulbs ever produced. Although still reasonably expensive, it has a wide reach and will no doubt change people's lives if not their light bulbs!"

Paul Simmons, Co-Founder, Timorous Beasties