Health & Safety FAQs - Drying time question

Question: How long do you have to wait until it is safe for your child to go back in to their bedroom?

Answer: Please refer to the dry time. Once it is dried and any residual odour from the paint has gone, it is safe for a child to sleep in the bedroom.

Health & Safety FAQs - Child safe paints for cots question

Question: Child safe paints for cots, toy boxes etc.?

Answer: Unfortunately, none of our paints are suitable for painting your child’s toys or furniture. Because your youngsters are likely to suck, chew and generally destroy anything they can get their hands and teeth on, including their toys and furniture, manufacturers of these products have to use paints that comply with the European Toy Safety Directive and our paints are made specifically for decorating jobs (unless otherwise specified).

Health & Safety FAQs - Pregnancy question

Question: Is it safe for a pregnant lady to paint and if so what paints to use?

Answer: You should expect no problems for the health of the pregnant woman or the unborn child from using Dulux products, provided they are used in the correct manner i.e. according to the instructions on the can.

If it is the first three months of pregnancy, using solvent-based (white spirit-based) products could lead to nausea from the smell. Water-based alternative products should be used if possible. If the use of solvent-based products cannot be avoided, maximum ventilation should be used.

When pregnant, excessive exertion e.g. bending/stretching or repetitive lifting to apply paint, should be avoided. Excessive exertion has been linked to problems in pregnancy.

So, the general message is: ventilate the room really well, do a little painting at a time and see how you get on. If OK, do a bit more.

Dulux Endurance boy holding muddy ball

Question: How long shall I leave the painted wall before cleaning?

Answer: For Endurance+ 24 hours will be sufficient (but please see the back of the can for more exact drying time information)

A little bit of colour can go a long way, and paint is by far the easiest, quickest and most affordable way to transform almost any space.

Question: Is it safe for my child to help me paint their room?

Answer: Although we encourage parents to involve their children in choosing the themes and colours for their rooms, all of our paint products are not suitable for children and should be kept out of their reach. Children must not be involved in the actual application of the paint.

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