Cherished Gold Swoosh


The launch of ColourFutures brings with it the hotly anticipated announcement of the 2016 Colour of the Year - ‘Cherished Gold’; a gold influenced ochre which is both bright enough to attract attention and combines well with other tones.


For 2016 we see a muted and sophisticated palette which centres on soft mid tone shades. The overall feeling continues to be warm, but with greater subtlety. Bright colours have moved away from primary to something more interesting. Think coral, not orange; ochre not yellow and midnight, not blue. This is a friendly palette but with a dark, mysterious side.

CF 2016 Heritage and Future hero

Heritage & Future

By looking at the past we are able to design for the future. Celebrating ones heritage lends an authenticity and credibility that cannot be faked, provides a sense of longevity and also helps to shape the future. One should take inspiration from the past to gain confidence in the next steps forward. This colour palette sees reds that reflect our rich heritage, but also have a bright contemporary feel that points to the future.

CF 2016 Words and Pictures section one

Words & Pictures

We live in an age of visual saturation with every moment captured on social media. Words, whether spoken or written, are forever being condensed in our fast paced lives. Words are restricted and shortened on social media, whilst we increasingly communicate using pictures alone. This trends celebrates the pairing of words and pictures and the corresponding colour palette uses the blue of ink and grey of graphite in contrast to tones familiar with smartphone and social media filters.

CF 2016 dark and light hero

Dark & Light

Celebrate the night by enjoying the mystery and beauty of the dark. Research has proven how light pollution affects us all – it is important for a restful sleep, to recharge and regroup without the disrupting influence of light. Many of the colours in this palette blend seamlessly together, recalling the tones of both dusk and dawn during the ‘golden hour’. This is also reflected in the ombré inspired paint effects featured in the trend.

CF2016 - Grid and letting go hero

The Grid & Letting Go

We are increasingly seeing the appeal of going ‘off grid’ in order to find oneself in the modern world – seen with the likes of office workers participating in morning dance parties before going to work. But it’s tricky to live offline and go off track without a frame of reference. Freedom is only understandable within the context of a framework – or in other words, you can’t break the mould if you don’t have a mould in the first place. Hence the colours in this palette are vivid and playful, yet still held back by the black and white of the grid. This trends also sees a number of graphical painting techniques at play to represent the grid.