The Autumn / Winter 2014 Trend Palette

Autumn Winter Trend

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director

Wrapped up in a modern world that is often rigid and constraining, we long for environments that are natural and free. Mimic nature’s untamable and unpredictable qualities by leaving raw edges and blurred lines within your design.

Autumn Winter Trend

Rebecca Williamson, Senior Colour, Design and Content Manager

Although we are impressed by vast architectural spaces with high ceilings and endless corridors, we search for a sense of security through smaller environments, which shield and embrace us. Fill your room with small details and unusual textures that will help to warm the space they sit within.

How to make the “Big Nature Small Me” look work on your own terms

Love the raw strength and grandeur of this season’s hottest colour trend but not sure how quite to create the look in your own home? It’s simpler than it looks! For a soft but adventurous look, try a tonal colour scheme that uses colours that sit next to one another on the colour wheel, such as powerful golds with fiery oranges.

Why not bring nature’s inspiration into your own home? Follow the landscape horizon with an unpredictable raw edge of colour in subtle contrasting shades.