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Explore colour in our interactive film

In the future the world has forgotten colour, favouring order and simplicity. But there are people who still remember the joy that colour can bring. Hidden beneath the white city of Utopia is the colour hideout. It’s home to the colour rebels, who use it as a place to store colourful objects, art and tins of Dulux paint.

You can explore their world and click on every colour you see, finding inspiration, techniques and immersing yourself in colour. Click here to watch the film and interact.

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The Film

Our film is set 30 years in the future when our world has forgotten colour. We follow Callum, a dome painter whose job it is to endlessly keep the city white and Frida the leader of the colour rebels who wants to remind the world of the joy colour can bring.

Colour of the Year 2015 8

Copper Blush

Copper Blush is the Dulux colour of the year for 2015. It is also the shade that our heros use to paint the dome at the end of our film. This colour is a beautifully heart-warming shade with real depth which creates an easy to live with atmosphere, with a touch of elegance. You can find products in this colour by clicking the colour chip below.

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Colours from the ad

Copper Blush is part of a new set of colours for 2015 that range from soft pastels to a few more vibrant shades. Below is a selection that appear on the walls in the colour hideout. You can click any of the colours to find out more about them or explore them and other shades through our interactive film.

Dulux ‘Colourless Future’: The Making Of

The story behind our 2015 Colourless Future TV ad, told by the people who created it. Click on the video for a sneak peak.

Dulux ‘Colourless Future’: Behind-the-Scenes Production Design

Discover the inspiration behind Dulux's 2015 Colourless Future ad and see how it was made. Click on the video to see behind-the-scenes footage.

Dulux ‘Colourless Future’: Behind-The-Scenes Special Effects

Discover how the Dulux team brought a colourless future to life with special effects. Click on the video to see the secret to creating the ad's special effects.