CF 2016 Colour Trends Research section one

2016 Colour Trend Research

Every year, AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center brings together a group of international experts and trend watchers from across the globe and from various disciplines of design. We invite this group to discuss what they think will be the major global developments in the coming years, based on global social and design trends.

CF 2016 Colour Trends Research section two

This process allows us to foresee a number of trends, with one overriding idea that captures the mood of the moment; and then consider how this will influence the consumers who buy our pain. By talking with people who are designing for the future in the same way that we are, it is possible to identify longterm, constantly evolving trends; translating theory into a future we all recognise.

CF 2016 Colour Trends Research section three

The 2016 palette revealed

For 2016 we see a muted and sophisticated palette which centres on soft mid tone shades. The overall feeling continues to be warm, but with even greater subtlety. Bright colours have moved away from primary to something more interesting. Think coral, not orange; ochre not yellow and midnight, not blue. This is a friendly palette but with a dark, mysterious side.